Divi has unveiled its crypto concierge program aimed at bridging the gap between a rather technical cryptocurrency space and its large percentage of non-technical users. The program is designed to help new, intermediate, and advanced users access and explore the benefits of the Divi ecosystem.

It doesn't matter if you're buying your first Bitcoin or having trouble getting your node to sync. We have in-person representatives awaiting your call (or message, or smoke signal).

Users have a plethora of ways to contact Divi’s support team. Contact options include a live training session for individuals who prefer a more personal approach, Telegram for quick responses, email, and the Divi forum.

Interestingly, the Divi Crypto Concierge Program is already yielding some positive results. A Twitter user, Amina Motala, commenting on Divi’s support said:

After running my Divi masternode for a month, I encountered a minor syncing issue in which their response time was impressively quick. Divi support was able to help me fix the issue with two simple clicks in efficient time [and] with clear instruction.

Another user shared his experience, saying:

DIVI support @knowcryptoshow has always been available to offer assistance since the day I started staking. Ranging from refreshing of wallet, restarting of daemon, primer sync, deploying of masternode to whatever you can find as feature on the Desktop wallet.