The Divi team in a bid to expand the usability of its digital asset has partnered with PolisPay. Consequently, Divi users will be open to enjoy some of the features of the PolisPay ecosystem, particularly in the areas of the Polis ePay Mastercard, its Shift exchange, and in the use of cryptocurrencies to purchase gift cards.

In December 2019, Polis unveiled its ePay Mastercard, a prepaid card that can be used in most Mastercard outlets. Following the integration, Divi users can load a prepaid amount into the card using DIVI. Once activated and topped up, the card can be used worldwide for online shopping, PoS transactions, and cash withdrawals from ATMs. The ePay Mastercard is currently available for order in 33 countries.

In addition to being able to pre-load the ePay card, DIVI users will also be able to purchase a plethora of gift cards directly from the PolisPay app with their digital assets. There is also a feature to quickly swap between any of the supported cryptocurrencies within the app.

Divi users will be able to transact up to the tune of $100 without KYC requirements. KYC is required to increase the monthly load limit to $4000.

While sharing the update, Divi also revealed that Polis is collaborating with UnionPay to provide an instant-conversion debit card. This will allow users to pay in Divi, while merchants receive payment in their preferred currency.