When Divi launched 2 years ago, its primary aim was to provide a fast, safe, and cheap decentralized digital money that could be used by everybody – tech-savvy or not. In one of its popular quote, Divi boasted that “even your grandma can begin earning cryptocurrency in minutes.” And since its launch on September 27, 2018, the company has made significant strides towards making this vision a reality.

For a start, Divi is the pioneer of the One-Click Masternode setup feature (MOCCI). With MOCCI regular users without technical knowledge or CLI can start earning from cryptos. MOCCI is more of a “plug and play” solution and this is arguably Divi’s first step towards creating a digital asset that can be used by anyone.

In September 2019, the firm took another bold move in acquiring a 30% stake in a Costa Rican remittance Fintech company. Considering the fact, that regulation has been a major issue in the crypto space, the acquisition was a wise move since it will allow Divi to operate within the confines of existing legal frameworks.

Other noteworthy milestones include the introduction of its Crypto Concierge Service, acquisition of FEO, the introduction of its Lightning Network Protocol, listings on CoinPayments, Bithumb, and BitMax. More recently, Divi is now available on the Ethereum blockchain via Zap Protocol.

The Masternode Buzz team will like to congratulate our Premium Backer, Divi on its second-year blockchain anniversary.