The whole ICO industry has certainly raised a lot of eyebrows lately. It is extremely hard to separate the useful ICOs with a great product from the ones that have been created just because of the crypto hype. This has given way to a lot of bad blood in this space causing some of the good ICOs to not getting the attention that they deserve.

For a start-up to get a head start with the initial funding, there exists a program called the Shark Tank where investors would invest in your product if it seems promising enough to them. In the crypto world, we now have the Token tank.

In this competition, 18 tokens are selected by the judges out of all the submissions and each judge rates the usability of the token in real life. The top three most useful tokens receive support from the judges as well as get a certain investment to give them a head start.

Source: Twitter

The Divi project recently secured the third spot in this competition. As a result, they got sponsored for $10K worth of influencer marketing, listing on the DX Exchange as well as $25k which will be used to feature them in the world crypto con that is coming up.

Apart from this, the project is also going to be featured on the bad crypto podcast. Thus, giving the whole project a major push towards success in the crypto space.