Divi believes that the presence of fiat payment options will always rival and somewhat subdue cryptocurrency payments. Fiats are readily available, familiar, and easy to use. For this reason, an ecosystem which accepts only cryptocurrencies as payment will greatly increase the rate of adoption.

Divi has a vision of simplifying the process of using cryptocurrencies and fostering adoption. In line with its vision, the blockchain project has announced that it will be building a miniature crypto ecosystem in Costa Rica that will allow people to live, work, play, eat, commute, and even learn without using fiat currencies – an ecosystem that completely thrives of cryptocurrencies.

The goal is to start small with a completely self-contained economy, then add partners within the local area and around the world. We encourage like-minded crypto entrepreneurs to join us in nearby properties, or anywhere else, adding new ways to spend, earn, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a tropical paradise without cash.

Partners can own full or partial containers to live and work from Costa Rica or allow Divi rent out their spaces when not in use. Guests and residents within the economy will have access to high-speed internet facilities, jobs, restaurants, recreational outlets and a variety of options for working and living, all powered by crypto.

For a start, Divi has unveiled that the ecosystem will support only Divi, Bitcoin and NuCoin. Other cryptocurrencies will be added to the system as the project matures.