Congratulations to Divi for coming second place during the Token Tank pitch competition at the just concluded World Crypto Conference (WCC) held in Las Vegas. This year’s Token Tank event featured only 10 companies battling to convince judges of the ingenuity of their projects in front of a live audience. Speakers were given 5 minutes to present their projects, after which they were questioned by the judges and thereafter scored based on the overall quality of the project and presentation. The top 3 performers received investment in addition to other prizes.

Following its performance at the pitching competition, Divi will receive a minimum investment of $25,000 from Edge196, an investment firm. The project will also receive other valuable prizes such as a sponsorship credit for the next WCC in 2020 and a $10,000 reward in the form of PR, content or advisory services.

The Divi team while expressing their excitement in a blog post stated:

World Crypto Con was an excellent event and well worth the time, money, and effort spent on attending. It was a fantastic opportunity to demo the mobile application and get more people engaged with Divi.

Talking about the WCC, a Divi Meetup was organized on the first night of the conference. About 125 Divi enthusiasts were present to talk about the project. They also received an early demo of the mobile app.