Popular e-sports betting platform, ESBC has added DOGE wallet as a payment option. Consequently, DOGE users can now deposit, place bets, and withdraw from the platform in DOGE. Whilst make the announcement on Steemit, the team said:

You can bet with Doge Coins on the ESBC Betting Platform, starting us on a path to add more coins in the future and give us more possibilities when betting.

Talking about the betting platform, ESBC, users can bet on crypto games, eSports, and traditional sports. From football to baseball, basketball, boxing, tennis, hockey, cricket, and StarCraft, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Furthermore, the ESBC platform boasts of a fast service that minimizes the number of third parties all wrapped in a zero-commission setting.

Another exciting feature of the platform is its accessibility from Facebook, Discord, or Vkontakte.

In light of the listing of DOGE, ESBC initiated a 20% cash back at the weekend of the listing.

It is expected that the betting platform will witness more listings in the coming months, as hinted upon in its announcement.