Blockchain project, Elastos prides itself in being the new face of the modern internet, and being “the first completely safe and decentralized infrastructure for the internet.” In line with their upcoming delegated proof of stake (DPoS) supernode election, the Elastos team has called on members of their global community to share their ideas.

Elastos have released a draft of the official rules that will guide the election. However, they have asked for input from community members. The team is already accepting feedback from the community. This will be on until November 30. Upon collection and scrutinizing all the suggestions, an updated version of the rules will be released.

There are three node categories in the DPoS supernode election: Participant nodes, Elected Nodes (Supernodes) and Candidate nodes.

As the name suggests a participant node is a node that has indicated interest to participate in the election. In order to participate, a node must deposit 5,000 ELA. This collateral has been put in place to prevent malicious activities.

After voting, the top 36 participant nodes with the highest numbers of votes will become Elected Nodes, which other nodes from 37 to 108 will become candidate nodes. Nodes will be ranked from highest to lowest in terms of the votes they get.