Congratulations to Energi on its listing on CoinAll, a top-100 exchange and a strategic partner of popular exchange, OKEx. As at press time, the blockchain project whose mission is to become “the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of governance, smart contracts and self-funding treasury to facilitate rapid growth” was available to trade only against USDT.

Price-wise, Energi is up by over 11%, as at press time. However, it is unclear whether the listing had any effect of the price of Energi since a large percentage of the top 100 altcoins are recording gains along with Bitcoin which currently sits at a 14% gain.

Energi while announcing the recent listing highlighted some of the core features and strongholds of CoinAll exchange. The exchange shares the same advanced security system as OKEx, offering 24 hours of global support. Transactions fees are fixed at 0.2% per trade with the opportunity for users to enjoy 50% - 80% rebate when they participate in the exchange’s referral program.