The Energi team has announced their listing on top crypto exchange, DigiFinex, in an official post, stating that:

DigiFinex is going to list Energi(NRG) and open up deposit on 20th Dec 2018 10:00 (GMT+8). Withdrawal and trade service will be open on 21st Dec 2018 10:00 (GMT+8).

The cryptocurrency will be available to trade with Bitcoin (NRG/BTC) from December 21, as stated in their post.

DigiFinex is one of the top crypto exchanges in the marketplace. As at press time, the exchange was the 4th largest in the world by trading volume.


About Energi
According to their website, Energi is “the world’s leading cryptocurrency with the unification of Smart Contracts, Governance & Self-funding Treasury to ensure longevity and enable rapid growth.”

The scalable and self-funding masternode crypto aims to become a leading crypto platform, employing over one million people and leveraging on a remarkable treasury system.

Talking about their treasury system, it is worth noting that Energi did not have an ICO, neither were there any pre-mines. About 1 million NRG tokens are released every month and are allocated in the following percentage: 10% to Energi backbone, 10% to miners, 40% to masternodes, and 40% to the Treasury.