Essentia (ticker: ESS), a masternode-powered blockchain that enables cross-chain transactions and interoperability, has been listed on Masternode Buzz. The all-in-one blockchain platform touts itself as one that allows its users to manage all things crypto.

Following the listing, Buzz readers can now obtain details on how to deploy an ESS masternode from its dedicated page on the Masternode Directory. Details such as the price of the asset, its market cap, 24-hour trading volume, as well as the expected ROI can be easily gotten from the page.

That being said, ESS has a two-tier masternode structure – MERCURY and MARS. The required collateral for deploying a MERCURY masternode is 100,000 ESS tokens. As of press time, the masternode tier hosted 115 nodes and had an ROI of 100.89%. MARS, on the other hand, required 300,000 ESS in collateral. There are 67 nodes in this category and the expected ROI is 134.15%.

About Essentia

Essentia is an open-source p2p network that is actively working to provide access to the best and latest features of the blockchain tech. The blockchain runs on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm and features a masternode framework, which adds an extra layer of security and functionality. A portion of the project’s website reads:

With Essentia users can: trade, swap, and add liquidity. Integrated with L2 transactions via zk-SNARKs sdk and Starkware, Essentia is designed to be simple, secure, and decentralized.

By connecting multiple blockchains, Essentia’s ecosystem allows its users to seamlessly interact with a plethora of cryptocurrencies and projects, including wallets, decentralized applications, and crypto accounts. So far, the platform has enabled support for over 750 digital assets.

Another interesting aspect of the Essentia project is its passive income option. Investors can earn up 700% APY by providing liquidity on Uniswap.

In addition to its tier-masternode structure, Essentia has also rolled out a mobile and web-based wallet and atomic swaps. Other key features of the Essentia blockchain include its anonymous peer-to-peer currency, a highly scalable and secure network, and an experienced team behind the scenes.