An all-in-one crypto manager and an interoperable blockchain Essentia has offered its users to earn passive income using table-turning 1-click solutions. The service allows deploying the Essentia masternode, or stake the ESSX coins hassle-free, with a click of a button within their Desktop wallet.

Currently, Essentia offers 2 tiers of masternodes - a Mars (which requires 300,000 ESSX coins to deploy), and a Mercury one (which requires 100,000 ESSX coins to deploy). For those looking for a smaller entry sum, the project has recently introduced 1-click staking, which requires only 10,000 ESSX coins to start, and even fewer clicks to do. The bigger the stake, the higher the reward.

The process of the masternode deploy is a few steps, 1) download the Essentia desktop app; 2) swap the tokens to coins; 3) click ‘Deploy a masternode’. All the actions can be performed within the app.


Essentia has been around on the crypto scene for more than 3 years, moving step-by-step towards making cryptocurrency more accessible to the common people. Introducing an all-in-one wallet a few years ago, recently the project declared the intention to join the DeFi sphere.

The craze around DeFi is a no-brainer. The traditional finance system doesn’t fulfill the demands for a passive income, the way DeFi services do. However, though they do look appealing to outsiders, they are still hard to grasp. That is why we came up with the 1-click solution, where the system does everything for you — Andrew Gard, Essentia COO.

The project’s focus is to make the passive income as easy as possible thus all the actions needed can be performed within the Desktop app. Including the token swap procedure, which is performed with 1:1 proportion, and can go both ways: ESS token for an ESS coin, and vice versa.

In order to encourage more users to hop in, and deploy the masternodes, Essentia has introduced a fee reimbursement initiative, that basically covers all the fees users pay during the process of the masternode deployment. That includes the token swap fees and server fees. The initiative will be active until the end of June 2021.

The APY percentages depend on the number of masternodes in the system and may fluctuate.