Following the Asian blockchain tour that ended on March 22, EtherZero and Bluebelt Exchange reached a strategic cooperation to pursue further development of the blockchain market in Korea.

The one-week study tour let EtherZero team gained a lot, not only deeply understanding the differences in the development of the blockchain industry between China and South Korea, but also finalized the direction of cooperation with multiple Korean industry companies.

EtherZero will benefit from the popularity and local resources of Bluebelt in South Korea. They will be partnering with the exchange to launch more exchanges geared towards improving the liquidity of ETZ in Korea. This includes promoting ETZ to a point it becomes a preferred choice of payment in several industries including retail, restaurant and tourism, amongst others.

Since ETZ was born, it always has 0 transaction fee and instant payment advantages, these advantages will not only bring changes to DAPP development, but also push the experience of transfer payment to a new level.

Bluebelt Exchange has its headquarters in South Korea and comprises of a team of financial professionals and IT experts. The exchange has subsidiaries in over ten countries including China, Japan, Malaysia and Hong Kong.