EtherZero has released a report detailing the progress level of the project so far. The update reveals that the team has made some remarkable progress in the technical aspects of EtherZero. They have been able to fix the issue of full synchronization failure and increase the mining delay time, whilst reducing the probability of the same block being produced in the network. Efforts are also ongoing to understand the application of the verifiable delay function to masternodes and masternode fragmentation implementation.

EtherZero is also making efforts to increase the liquidity of their digital asset through a listing on exchange.

Within the last month, EtherZero has sealed a number of media partnerships to promote the blockchain project. In May, they partnered with AIRDROP GAZUA, a popular South Korean airdrop community on Telegram. Articles were written to educate Korean users about EtherZero, and the team reports that the event was a success.

EtherZero community members and registered users also received VT tokens in an airdrop program through a listing on the exchange.

Still, on the subject of promotion, EtherZero in collaboration with TODO Block is working on a promotional video to educate users on what the project is about.