There are some very exciting things emerging on the masternode front, and a relatively new player is creating some waves.

Built on an idea that was born quite some time ago, Quaestor Solutions launched their product “ClickIt” last autumn. The founder and CEO, Svend Rasmussen, wanted to set up his own master node having investigated different master node coins and discovered how profitable this could be, but run into a major hurdle in the programming of it. He is quite computer literate, but had to give up on this one, it was truly for the experts!

Many hours and a crashed computer down the lane, but not one to give up, he contacted his team of programmers and asked them if they could help. Not long thereafter, he had his first masternode set up and running. Actually, in a way irritatingly fast! Why had he wasted time and money trying to do this himself when he had access to a team of experts? From there grew the idea of making a program that would allow anyone through a few “clicks, copies and pastes” to set up their own masternodes in their own wallets and keeping full control of their own funds. “ClickIt” was born to the benefit of thousands.

As a true entrepreneur, ideas grow fast in Svend’s mind and the ClickIt idea soon developed into a coin idea as well; Quaestor Coin (ticker QST), and the coin was launched at the beginning of 2019. QST is a true masternode coin, not a hybrid as many others, and has been programmed to mine with a fixed amount of 5,040 coins per day for another approximately 10 years which will give a total circulating supply in the future of 20 million coins. That is, it, full stop, so even fewer coins than BTC when the current trend seems to be coins launching with enormous circulating supplies. At this point in time with the 600,000 coins that were premined to set the process going, and what has been mined since January, the supply has now reached around 1.86 million coins.

The small supply and the programming that ensures a regulated but steady growth in the provision of the coin, makes it very appealing as an investment object. Interestingly most people who have bought in on the coin so far, have chosen to set them up in masternodes rather than seeing the coin as spending money. Of the current supply, about 1.7 million are set up in masternodes, each requiring 2,000 coins, but no, there are not only 900 people involved in the QST masternodes!

Quaestor Solutions has taken the ClickIt system one step further and enabled the QST coins to be set up in shared masternodes paying out to each individual owner of the shares on a daily basis (though 20 coins has to have accumulated before pay-out can take place). And one can own as little as 1% of a masternode. This truly opens up the possibility of owning and earning on masternode coins to everyone as 1% is only 20 coins. Look here how it works:

Quaestor Solutions is building a whole eco system around their coin, ensuring that it will have additional usability other than just earning more QST via the masternode. The company is making sure that the interest in QST grows outside the normal sphere of crypto currency users, and so far, they have launched QProBoxing with a growing stable of professional championship boxers. In connection with QProBoxing, QProTV has also seen the light of day. The Quaestor Fight Nights organised in the name of QProBoxing is streamed worldwide at a very low cost, and of course, you can pay for your streaming with crypto currency. Paying with QST will soon be available on all product and service platforms as well. Again, Svend has more ideas around this to build a healthy economy for the company and the community. Streaming of other sports events would probably be a safe bet, and Albanian and other Danish boxing promotors are already showing their Fight Nights using the streaming service. The marked is predicted to raise dramatically in 2020.

A completely different marketplace is Q-Hemp, selling the currently just about hottest product in the world, CBD oil. Here as well, you will soon be able to pay with QST. There are more ideas tumbling around Svend’s head and it will be exciting to see what turns up. He is not saying an awful lot now, but the ideas are clearly there.

One idea that is no longer on the planning stage, but on the fast track to reality is, a European licenced exchange. Programming is well under way, and preliminary launch is set to November 2019, not that far away.

The Exchange with build in shares Masternode setup.
With a glint in his eye, Svend explains about the exchange that every single masternode coin and coin-owner should be excited about, as this will open the possibility of shared masternode ownership for all coins! Yes, through the new exchange YOU will be able to set all masternode coins up in shared masternodes through the ClickIt system, and without the current 12 months lock-up period that is currently applied to QST coins. The lock-up period will of course be released for their own coin as well once the exchange is open.

As we asked Svend: Why build shared Masternode setup into the exchange? To which he gave a very good answer:

It is simple. We have a 2,000 collateral on the QST. When the price is $10 per coin, people will need $20,000 to participate with a Masternode. I saw it myself, when Dash was over $300, with a collateral of 1,000 coins, you needed to sell your house to get in. BUT, with 1% or 2%, or even maybe 10%, everyone has the possibility to participate. With that option, and by having QST and DASH as the first two coins in the shared Masternode setup built into the new exchange, we are truly building a winner.

Save trading fee with QST.
Half-price on trading fees is offered for all trades when the fee is paid for with QST, as well as a possibility to participate in a profit-sharing opportunity.

When asked about incentives for the coins to list themselves on the exchange, Svend pulls a tempting offer from his sleeve: The price for listing will during the introduction period be 3 BTC. Pay 1 BTC when your coin has been listed. Pay the remaining 2 BTC one month after, when you can see that the exchange is indeed running like it has been said it will. Please contact Svend Rasmussen - for further details.

Earn by introducing.
There will also be other very interesting incentives for traders and coin owners both. A 10% of the total trading fee is given back to the introducer, when inviting people to the exchange.

The very new trading BOT.
Quaestor Solutions is also launching their own trading-bot. It was all ready to go, and then the law was changed in some countries making how it was coded illegal. As compliance is high on Svend’s agenda, the bot has now been re-coded and is ready to go. Final testing has taken place and the results show that it is ready for the official launch. Unlike many other bots, this one is not pre-coded which was the part that became illegal late last spring, so you set your own parameters for profit and loss, stop-loss and re-buy etc. To the question about how this is done, Svend promises that it comes with full and clear instructions.

Much more to come.
It is however not only those four products that will open the way for QST, they are only the first stepping-stones of the ecosystem. Next year will see the launch of the merchant system with an exchange rate guarantee for the merchant, eliminating the current risk with the volatility in values. This will fast forward QST into a new generation of crypto coins, where other coins will have difficulties following the speed of QST.
Worth mentioning: QShield, Speed control app, with some very exciting features and free world-wide delivery QProFit, App for the lazy sports person QProSport, sports equipment and supplements to the martial arts world

and a lot more… As mentioned earlier, Svend’s entrepreneurial mind does not rest.

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