French Digital Reserve (ticker: FDR) has been added to the Buzz Masternode Directory. The blockchain project promises a passive income backed by decentralized finance (DeFi).

Members of the Buzz community can easily obtain information on how to deploy an FDR masternode. For instance, the FDR is being hosted on a shared VPS on Flitsnode, ZCore, and Gentarium.

That being said, FDR has a three-tier masternode structure – FDR-SN, FDR-CN, and FDR-RN. The required collateral for the different tiers are 1,000, 10,000, and 50,000.

FDR is one of the first masternode coins to a passive income stream with DeFi. The ecosystem is designed to offer a plethora of financial services, including cash transfers, payments, project audits and reviews, savings, and community governance. According to the project, the profits earned from tokens are reinvested back into the ecosystem via buybacks; a move that creates a perpetual buying pressure geared which in turn increases the value of investments.

FDR recently launched a tokenized trading algorithm to perform daily buybacks. The initiative is expected to go live on February 26, having an initial daily buyback benchmark of about $500.

In general, the French Digital Reserve ecosystem is made up of a wallet, a file hosting service, free masternode hosting, and a web wallet.