It is commonly said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Several pieces of research have gone further to prove that something as simple as a profile picture could influence how potential customers interact with a brand. For this reason, companies and business professionals are always on their toes, trying to look their best “for the gram.”

Trying to look your best is obviously not a bad thing, but this can become a terrible idea when you try to use someone else’s pictures. Masternode coin, Flinecoin has been caught in the scam of using stock photos for the profile of team members.

Bitcointalk user "lovesmayfamilis" spotted this anomaly and accused the team of being a scam. Another user, Trevor, countered his claim that Flinecoin is a scam. He claims the team are experienced and have decided to keep their identities a secret for security reasons.

Fline team is the real crypto adepts and they think that the only not-so-scammy thing in crypto was created by anonymous (Satoshi). Since their bot is working flawlessly there might be some security concerns on revealing faces. So, they refused to open their faces up.

Instead, they decided to put fake names and pictures on the website until the bot has proved their work. It is important to say that the experience behind those fake masks is real. Without that experience that could not make such trading bot.

Moving forward, the team will delete these images and post some interviews of their core bot developer.

Fline claims to have created a bot that does 6100% ROI per year, however many are sceptical. Fline's official response states they used fake pictures in order to gain a lot of first investors:

I apologize to the Fline team, Midas team and all the people I embarrassed. I am in charge of convincing our team to find fake pictures and names.  I am terribly sorry for that. I really wanted our project to succeed on the first stage and since I am investing in masternodes myself, I am not investing in projects without an open team.  Before we started, I insisted on putting fake pictures on our website to increase the chances of the project to gain a lot of first investors. Although, I did not know how many of you would come to this project, and I believe, it is not because of the pictures on our website.  Midas has a huge experience and awesome community, and my team are basically the trading professionals.  Apologize me for my mistake. I take all the guilt of it on myself. It will be hard to get the reputation back, but we will work each day to make it happen.  Thank you.

One day later, Midas announced they are taking over the Fline project:

- Midas takes over Fline coin. Midas is now in control of the blockchain (testnet is launched, we are now testing rewards change), discord, website and will control all the Fline funds.
- The only Fline team member left is @Whirlwind (Fline CEO), the creator of the bots. We recorded an interview with him that will be posted later tonight. The interview will prove you that the bot is legit and show some story behind it, and some crypto insides like what is the real price of Bitcoin.  
- Therefore, Fline becomes fully our project. All other team members are kicked from this project.

Do you think the team has actually build a bot that can do 6100% ROI like they promised, or will this be another Bitconnect? Let us know in the comments!