As an extension to its widely successful masternode hosting app, Flits app, the Flitsnode team has launched the Flits Web beta. Flits Web, as the name suggests, is a web version of the Flits app, which allows its users to seamlessly deploy and manage their masternode investments in just a few clicks. Following its release, users can now monitor their digital investments from their computers. This feature is particularly useful for individuals who spend most of their time on their PCs. According to the Flitsnode team:

The idea started with a mobile app… We are, however, not always at our phones. There are times you want to use your computer and also want easy access to your coins. Flits got you covered. We have added a web version to our app!

It is worth stating that Flits Web is not an independent service or platform. Flits Web merely mirrors the features of the mobile app and users will need to link their phones to the web version for it to work.

To connect a browser to the Flits app, a user will be required to scan a QR code. Once done, the user will have access to all his coins and nodes from his computer. Sending of coins from Flits Web however requires a phone confirmation.

Just like its mobile counterpart, Flits Web remains a non-custodial masternode hosting service.

In what appears to be a reaction to the upcoming Flits 4.0 release, which comes fully loaded with a lot of features, the price of Flits is on the rise. This indicates a rising interest in the project.