Flitsnode has become the latest addition to our Masternode Hosting Directory, bringing the total number of hosting services on the Buzz Hosting Directory to six.

Flitsnode derives its name from the Dutch word – ‘Flits’ which means ‘flash or fast’. As such, one of the core goals of the masternode hosting service provider is to simplify how staking and masternode investments are done. The service eliminates all unnecessary and cumbersome technicalities involved in running a masternode. Investors do not have to worry about searching for an exchange with the masternode coin they wish to invest in, downloading a wallet, installing a server or waiting for the masternode to be up and running. Flitsnodes takes care of all these processes.

[Flitsnode] can be used to manage all your [staking and masternode] investments on your phone. The Flits app is going to simplify this process for you. Deposit the bitcoin and buy the amount of coins you want directly, start a (shared) masternode [or] stake your coins. Thereafter you can sell your reward (automatically) through use of the app, which removes the need of you using the exchange.

The Flitsnode App

The platform currently has 44 coins with staking, masternode or both options. Bitcoin is the trading currency. Users are notified on their mobile devices once a masternode is filled and starts running. There is also the option to operate a shared or dedicated masternode. Rewards are paid 4 times daily, with an option to turn on or off the push messages for payments. The same rules apply when a user decides to stake.

The mobile app has a sleek and easy-to-use interface. Beyond having access to their private keys, new users are met with an engaging gif display when signing up. There are 5 general tabs for navigation – dashboard, transactions, trading, news and personal. Users can create a new wallet, setup a node, deposit fee credit or contact support from the dashboard. The dashboard also displays statistics from the previous day’s earning, the account value, as well as the amount in each wallet.


Flitsnode has three tiers of fees, charged monthly – Presale investors, Standard, and users holding FLS and KTS. Presale investors get to enjoy a lifetime discount of 50% and pay €0.99/month. Standard users pay €1.99/month, while users holding FLS or KTS enjoy a 10% discount and are to pay €1.75/month. Fees are deducted daily from a user’s balance.

Team & Security

The Flitsnode team already has some blockchain experience under their belt. Flits is the third project they will be working on, having successfully worked on Klimatas and Dutch Crypto Works. The team’s experience in security coding reinforces an extra layer of security on servers. Beyond the option for two-factor authentication, the team has plans to perform a security audit every month.

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