TE-FOOD in collaboration with some Alberta-based companies has announced the launch of a blockchain-traceable beer. Hamill Farms, Red Shed Malting, Canada Malting Co., and Last Best Brewing & Distilling are the companies involved in this partnership.

The partnership employs TE-FOOD’s traceability solution to track the ingredients of the beer – “Bock Chain” from the field down to when they are delivered to consumers.

Source: TE-Food Medium.

Consumers will be able to follow the history of the beer, right from where and when the barley was produced and harvested down to where it was brewed and packaged. These details are accessible on the FoodChain.

The solution allows consumers to follow the way Bock Chain was produced. The barley was grown and harvested at Hamill Farms in Penhold, Canada then traveled to Canada Malting Company in Calgary Canada for malting, then to a third-party lab for quality assurance, on to Red Shed Malting in Penhold for roasting and finally to Last Best Brewing & Distilling in Calgary for brewing and packaging.

The Bock Chain project also features a rich and modern user experience where consumers can get a lot of insights about the product from their smartphones. Details like timestamps, locations, IDs, time-lapse videos, processing descriptions and photos are all accessible in a newsfeed-like manner.