Cryptocurrency project Gentarium has revealed that they will be making some changes to the rewards of miners, as well as change how masternode collaterals work as part of their softfork. This is coming after the team listened to suggestions from members of the community.

For a start, miners will no longer receive 10 coins per block. The reward for mining will now be reduced to 2 coins per block. However, Gentarium has noted that this will not affect masternode (MN) rewards – MN rewards will stay the same.

Secondly, the team is introducing a dynamic MN collateral during its softfork. As the name suggests, dynamic masternode collateral means that the collateral required to become a masternode holder on the network will change from time to time. The team on speaking to the community stated that:

Pay attention that the current MNs will work, you just need to restart it after softfork. However, if you will disconnect MN and send or sell coins from collateral or run new MN after softfork, the collateral will be another.

A softfork is a change in protocol of a cryptocurrency without the creation of a new blockchain.

Gentarium is expected to roll out its softfork in the coming weeks.