Masternode and crypto farm management service, Gentarium has been added to trade on Cryptopia. The company announced in a tweet, stating:

We are glad to announce that GTM just started to trade on And already TOP20 with more than 10 BTC vol.

More and more players are entering into the cryptocurrency space in a bid to explore the decentralized nature of blockchain solutions. Gentarium is offering a service to users and investors already in the cryptocurrency space. According to them, investors can now easily and automatically deploy masternodes using their platform. There is also an option for shared masternodes (MN) for individuals who may not have all the collateral to host a full MN. Finally, miners can easily manage and monitor their mining GPU and ASIC mining farms on the network’s web panel. These solutions to an extent are solving the challenge of deplorability, particularly amongst non-technical investors. In their words,

With our service, the node creator has no longer needs to study the documentation of the particular cryptocurrency, to spend time on the hosting tariffs study, to understand the details of operating systems, etc. Now for the crypto-enthusiast it is enough to create his Masternode in his personal cabinet and start it.
Our web panel for RIGs and ASICs management is designed to solve the problems of farm deployment, monitoring and management. With this service, it will be much easier for the miner to manage large farms.”