Earlier in December, Gentarium disclosed on their Discord channel that they had begun testing implementing Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. They made it clear to their members of their community that if the closed tests are successful, then coins swaps will follow. Coin holders will need to swap coins from the old network to the new network.

The tests appear to be successful, since the team announced on January 21 that the new chain is up and running. A new wallet has been released, along with a coin swap form. The form will be available up to block 131750 (approximately January 28). Users that are unable to swap their coins before the estimated date will have to claim their coins through tech support after other users have been attended to.

After block 131750, the team has revealed that they will be updating the masternodes on the new platform and rebuilding the shared masternode feature. Coins will be sent out to all users on January 30.

It is also worth noting that coins on exchanges will be swapped as well.

Screenshot from Gentarium's Discord channel on Coin Swap.