The Gentarium team has announced in a Discord post their intention to begin work on the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) algorithm. According to the post, the plan is for Gentarium to become an active DPoS cryptocurrency, conquering the space just as they have conquered the masternode hosting market. Gentarium currently has the second largest masternode hosting service in the world.

The team went further to state that they will be adoption COSMOS blockchain which is based on Tendermint. A tech that is quite similar to DPoS. Cosmos (ATOM) is a top-20 cryptocurrency and projects like Binance DEX are based on Tendermint and Cosmos tech.

In DPoS, coin holders (otherwise known as delegators) distribute voting power to validators. They have the power to vote for or remove a validator. Coin holders stake their coins by giving power to validators. Validators are responsible for creating new blocks and confirming transactions.

In Cosmos, for example, there are 100 validator nodes. However, all ATOM holders participate in the consensus by controlling validators. Whilst they can select validators by staking, they can also withdraw their stake if validators act badly.