GIN has announced the registration of their Foundation in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They made the disclosure on Discord, stating that the Foundation was registered on March 18. Whilst the details of the registration and the rights the Foundation have to operate within Amsterdam are still sketchy, the team has made it quite clear what the Foundation will be doing.

The primary purpose of the GIN Foundation is to push the frontiers of the GIN platform, its tech and of course usage of the coin. In their words, “the duty of the Foundation is to advance the notoriety and presence of the coin.”

The mission of the Foundation is to make GIN and GEA protocol globally trusted, recognized and used. The foundation will advance the use of the GIN and GEA protocol in various other blockchain projects.

The Foundation has three primary objectives:

  1. Educating crypto enthusiasts and investors on matters relating to GINcoin and its usage.
  2. Research and develop future use cases for GINcoin and GEA protocols.
  3. Pursue and cement partnerships that will facilitate the usage of GIN and GEA protocols