Earlier in February, GINCoin announced plans to extend their services beyond the masternode hosting space. The GIN Foundation was formed to spearhead this move – to develop innovative use cases for GINCoin.

One of the proposed use cases of GINCoin and its network of masternodes was to provide computational power as a service through a Freighter Fleet program. Machine learning, data mining and decentralized VPNs were some of the cited areas where the Freighter Fleet network of masternodes may be useful.

Almost 2 months after the Private Alpha Freighter Network began with just 20 nodes, test Cargo (jobs) have been deployed. As at press time, there were 19 active Freighters and over 2800 deployed jobs.

Source: GIN Freighter Fleet

Announcing on Discord, the team noted that:

The fleet currently runs very basic test jobs which will become more complex in the coming days.

Upcoming milestones in the development of the Freighter Network include deployment of daemon test cargo, scheduling engine with geographical targeting, cargo payments and settlements, onboarding more private beta Freighters, third-party masternode deployment and public beta testing.

As part of efforts to give soft landing during the launch of GIN Freighters, the Foundations has decided to lower some of their prices for using the GIN Platform. Dedicated GIN nodes now cost $9.99/month instead of $12.60/month. Horizen Secure and Super nodes, Dash and PIVX will now cost $24.90/month.