GIN which was created with the primary purpose of democratizing how masternodes are created, has made some updates to how the platform operates. They stated in an official Medium post that:

“Starting [from], October 26th, 2018, the GIN Platform’s infrastructure core will feature two options: Dedicated Node [which is the] current model and Cloud Node.”

GIN already runs a Dedicate Node feature, and the team has decided to still keep this original option. However, they have made some financial adjustments to how it works. The Premium service now costs $12.6 monthly and operates on a one masternode-one server option.

The Cloud Node which is new to GIN Platform offers the option of hosting several masternodes side by side on the same server, and with the same IP. This is particularly important for projects that have higher hosting prices in comparison with the rewards. The price for this service is $4.5 per month. It is important to note that Cloud Node will not be available for DASH, ZEN, PIVX, and ANON.

Users have the option to either upgrade or downgrade the service they are using easily from the platform’s dashboard. Migrating to either of the options will require you to perform a new setup process.

The team has also hinted that they will unveil their volume and commitment discounts in November.