There has been so much buzz around GoByte Pay – a service that simplifies financial transactions between merchants and their customers. The team has announced the release of a mobile version; GoByte Pay Mobile, which is available for download on both Play Store and App Store.

The mobile version simply offers the portability of the “GoByte Pay” gateway. Now, users can enjoy ease-of-transaction everywhere they go. Quoting the team, they said:

we believe the app has the functionality mobile users need along with ease of use and a beautiful design. We also know there will be things we can improve upon and we look forward to the feedback of our community and users.

Some of the features of the first release includes:

  • Streamlined interface and an easy-to-use dashboard
  • FaceID or TouchID login option
  • Instant and automatic web and mobile app synchronization
  • An address book for easy navigation when users need to send funds
  • Push notifications for any important info within the app, such as when a user receives payment
  • Built-in and real-time crypto to USD converter
  • Investment management option for masternode holders

The team has noted that they will be working on releasing a multi-crypto update, improving the overall functionality of the app, as well as add a number of other features.