This week we have an interview with Brad Nickel, an advisor to GoByte with input from the GoByte team. Brad and his partners at Blacknox joined the project a few months ago by helping them write a more strategically focused white paper and have since been advising the team on marketing, product, and go to market planning. Because he was not part of the project from the beginning this interview also summarizes answers from GoByte CEO Hisyam Nasir and the rest of the core team. Stay tuned for part 2!

When GoByte first started, the team was very driven to get GBX listed on as many websites (Coinmarketcap, Whattomine, and exchanges as possible, as soon as possible. How did you experience these first months of the project?

Like many projects, we found the process a bit more difficult than we expected. Development, marketing, and listings all take longer than projected. It is just a normal part of building great software.

In addition, listing fees can rapidly eat up the funds you have on hand, so you learn to pick and choose carefully where you want the project to be seen.

We are still determined to reach much greater awareness and get our name on sites where crypto is being discussed and researched. To many of us it feels like we’ve been working on this project for years, but it hasn’t even been one year. Everything is faster in the world of crypto, much like Internet development has rapidly changed the time expected for projects of all kinds to be delivered.

More importantly though, we are almost to the stage where the business of crypto is going to become very important and we are ramping up for the next phase where we have to go to market and convince users and merchants to use what we offer and feel comfortable with using it. We are excited to enter this phase, but we want to do it in a careful and deliberate manner and that means making smart choices about how we put the brand out and manage funds.

Are you satisfied with the amount of exchanges GBX is listed on, or are there still exchanges (or websites) you'd like to get listed on?

Like every other cryptocurrency on the market, we are aware that the more listings we have the better the project can do, so we are going to continue to expand our presence on exchanges and websites for listings. We do though, want to have more to show for all the hard work we’ve put in to date and that means we have to complete some of the development projects we have, while working through the listings process.

Investors are over the fluff phase of crypto and expect all projects to do exactly what we are doing, which is deliver on the vision and mission. We want investors that see GBX on an exchange to come to our communication channels and see completed versions of our products and tools and see real world use of our services. Anything less would be a waste of resources.

So to answer your question, yes we want to be and are working on more exchange and website listings, but we also want to be sure that we have something substantive to show for new and existing investors making a bet on us.

Recently the GoByte team decided to reveal their names and contact information. How important is it for a cryptocurrency to have a non-anonymous team?

That wasn’t an easy decision, but our entire model is about getting businesses and consumers to use our solutions. We cannot do that, if a business owner comes to our website and sees a bunch of anonymous team members. This is true for the adoption of crypto in general. How can we expect the general population to adopt crypto if much of the market is hiding behind anonymity. We certainly respect those that make that decision for themselves to remain anonymous and we do not take lightly the risks and hassles of being public, but for us and our business model it was critical that we unmask the team.

This market is evolving and we all must evolve with it. Early adopters are great. They are most certainly helping drive interest, but now we have to build in assurances for the next wave of users that will be more skeptical and less technical. Those folks may never understand exactly how cryptocurrencies work, just like they don’t understand how banks and fiat works, so we have to create an environment for customers and potential partners that are more interested in the forward facing products than the technical aspects, and that establishes trust in the team and the brand. Every project has to make decisions based on what is best for them. Our decision to reveal the team was really based on the fact that it’s, difficult to establish that level of trust we want customers and potential partners to have with the brand, without revealing the team. Besides, we have been fortunate to attract a very talented group of dedicated people to GoByte, and we are proud to say who they are.