This week we have the second part of our interview with Brad Nickel, an advisor to GoByte with input from the GoByte team. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. Brad and his partners at Blacknox joined the project a few months ago by helping them write a more strategically focused white paper and have since been advising the team on marketing, product, and go to market planning. Because he was not part of the project from the beginning this interview also summarizes answers from GoByte CEO Hisyam Nasir and the rest of the core team.

Currently you’re working on GoByte Pay, a payment system for online retailers. What will be your strategy to make sure merchants will be integrating this system in their website?

We just released version 1.0 of GoByte Pay and we are extremely proud of it, because it goes beyond just being an online payment system. We strive to create the best products we can, so we already have a list of changes we are making so the user experience is easier and better. One of the key things will be making it easier for them to integrate it into their websites. Our goal with our platform is to make sure they can accept crypto without being coders or crypto experts, so you will see integrations of GoByte Pay with the top ecommerce platforms. Easy adoption and a simple intuitive UX are things we put a lot of value on as we think those things are critical for our success with merchants and consumers alike.

Prior to the launch of GoByte Pay, we launched a plugin for WHCMS so that web hosting companies can easily accept crypto for their payments.

We will also apply this philosophy to consultants, professionals, and brick and mortar stores and anybody else that wants to accept or use crypto as a form of payment. The current version of GoByte Pay has tools that consultants and other professionals will find useful for billing customers and tracking payments. What we provide has to be better and easier than what they have on their counter or in their computer already. From software to terminals and everything in between our team is working to make crypto payments easy to adopt, and to ultimately help grow that acceptance on a large scale.

Additionally, our community has already started providing feedback on GoByte Pay, and that means things are working the way they are supposed to. The beauty of the crypto model is that the community can play as much or as little of a role as you choose to allow. In our case, really value our community and we want them all-in on our mission and helping us create better products, bringing in merchants and users, and thinking of new and innovative ways for us to reach our target markets and potentially identifying new ones.

As we go to market, we plan to focus on some specific verticals as well as doing some initial geographic targeting towards early adopters and will scale outwardly from there. We have to build the business side of GoByte so that it scales efficiently and so we are focused on markets and locations that we think will have a more viral reach for us. If you think about businesses that help other businesses and locations that have a global reach, but where a local presence and brand can be built, those are our initial targets.

Are there plans to integrate other cryptocurrencies in GoByte Pay as well?

Absolutely. We see this as a critical component to widespread adoption and it is vital to our strategy. We are already working on integrations with some potential partners to make that happen as soon as possible.. We would like to get to the point where everyone sees GoByte as their go-to crypto to pay or get paid for goods and services, but we aren’t naive enough to believe that can happen overnight. In addition, there are some amazing projects out there that have different value for different markets and the adoption they have can drive our adoption. Our goal is to be the payment systems provider that crypto needs and the recent release of GoByte Pay v1.0 gets us one giant step closer to that goal.. Making it possible for our customers to accept multiple cryptocurrencies and to be able to exchange them quickly and easily will make the GoByte platform a truly valuable tool for anybody that wants to accept or make crypto payments..