Following the upcoming release of GoByte Pay v2.0, GoByte’s team has revealed that they will be intensifying efforts geared towards building an active community for developers. As an open-source blockchain, one of GoByte’s purpose of building a dev community is to engage and encourage developers to participate more in the network’s development, as well as familiarize themselves with GoByte’s products.

GoByte Pay is a web and mobile interface that allows merchants and service providers to accept crypto payments.

The blockchain launched their “GOBYTE Developer Bounty Program” in line with this objective. Developers will be incentivized for contributing to the network’s development. The team went further to reveal that they have other bounty programs lined up for 2019: The Bug/Exploit Bounty and the GoByte Ambassador.

How it Works

Developers will be given mission and can claim their bounties once a mission is completed. Some of the already available missions include hardware wallet integration for key, token and transaction management and GoByte automation testing and statistics toolkit. The automation testing involves TPS tests, masternode tests, fees and node stats and integration tests.

Missions are updated on the team’s Discord channel at 19:00 (GMT +2) every Monday.