Dash user SavingPrivateDash has filed a proposal on Dash Central asking to "DEMOTE RYAN TAYLOR to an Advisory Role and INSTRUCT HR TO HIRE A NEW CEO." In this very detailed proposal, the owner carefully explains seven reasons why he thinks there should be a new CEO. These reasons include terrible money management, breaking promises, slow development, and bad marketing.

Dash proposals are fairly expensive (5 Dash), therefore the proposal owner states:

I am a masternode owner and I care enough about Dash to put up $1000 of my own money into a proposal that I know has a small chance of passing, but I did it anyway as I think this will be the best way to go.

It doesn't seem likely the proposal will make it (96 Yes / 836 No / 33 Abstain at the time of writing), but that doesn't stop SavingPrivateDash as he is planning more proposals:

If this proposal does not pass in this cycle, I will still submit two other ones on the next: one to fire Fernando and another to fire Bradley. Also on 2019 Jan 01, I will submit this exact same proposal again (Demoting Ryan Taylor). Let's see how many of you change your mind after realizing Evolution was not delivered, and deadlines from the roadmap were missed yet again.

Whatever your opinion may be, the proposal stirred up a very engaging discussion, talking about the current state and future of Dash.