Tuesday, October 1, CryptoBridge announced that it will be extending its KYC requirement to all its users. Moving forward, users will need to verify their identities before they can deposit or withdraw from the exchange. As reported earlier, the crypto community is not taking the news lightly since there was no prior notification suggesting the implementation of such a requirement. Some community members even went to the extreme by calling the exchange a scam.

GRAVIEX is stepping up as a knight in shining armor, offering to list projects that may be affected by CryptoBridge’s decision. They said in a tweet:

In view of CryptoBridgestrengthening KYC rules, we’d like to sustain affected coin Communities and offer to apply for Listing (put a link to your market on CB as a comment). These projects will have the fastest due-diligence (in 24h) and the most favorable terms of Listing.

As at press time, GRAVIEX ranked 167, while CryptoBridge ranked 159 on Coinmarketcap’s list of exchanges. GRAVIEX appears to be pulling the right marketing strings and may reap the reward in the form of new customers.