Cryptocurrency Exchange, Graviex, has been voted as the “Best Masternode Exchange” in the 2020 Masternode Community Awards. Graviex received the highest number of votes, topping other entries like Stakecube, Bittrex, and Midas.

Most respondents touted the number of digital assets listed on the crypto exchange, as well as its team’s responsiveness to new projects. One respondent with Twitter handle @jonrhythmic said:

Graviex holds many of the coins listed, and implement new coins on a regular basis. They also have great support and fantastic security.

Another respondent, @PZabarovsky, touted the exchange’s reliability, stating that:

GRAVIEX has been working for a long time and is very reliable. The exchange has a conscientious development team and it has not been involved in any questionable cases yet. Users are provided with a wide choice of cryptocurrency markets and ways to earn passive income.

Another respondent added:

Highly professional, under continuous development, works well with coin teams and does not treat them with disdain like many other exchanges.

According to data on CoinMarketCap, Graviex is a top-130 exchange. The goal of Graviex is to make trading affordable, safe, and reliable by prioritizing low fees, fast transactions, and high security.