Helio is the latest masternode coin to be listed on Masternode Buzz. Keep track of your Helio masternode investment from a dedicated Masternode Buzz page. You will be able to find details such as the collateral required to deploy a Helio masternode, the number of nodes on the network, and the expected ROI at a glance.

So far, Helio masternode is available on ZCore and costs just $1.99 monthly for being hosted on a shared VPS.

An excerpt from the project’s website says:

Helio is built on a decentralized blockchain, as user adoption continues to grow, the Helio platform will continue to become distributed amongst more users, which in return will increase the security of the network.

Some of the key features of the Helio platform include Helio HD which adds an extra layer of security by enabling seed phrases, cold staking, and Tor support. In addition to the blockchain’s low transaction fees, HLO tokens can be sent globally almost instantaneously.