UPDATE: Shiki0 published three Q&A videos on his channel to elaborate on the issues. He states that after the team trusted JJ (Lead Operations, @KingofHexxStreet) with the development fund, he ran away with the money, and, deleting several Discord channels as well (see screenshot below).


Shiki0 published both transactions in which the development fund was allegedly transferred to JJ (TX1 and TX2). At the time of the transaction, the amount was worth about $225,000. The team is really disappointed with the theft and has given him until Monday to return the funds, or legal actions will be taken.

Regarding CryptoMirage: The team assumes that he is in on the theft with JJ, but they cannot confirm this.

* Edit: Not Shiki, but KingofHexxStreet (JJ), and RonaldBiggs (Ronald) and IndominusHexxx (Mike) were removed from the team.

* Edit 2: CryptoMirage says he is not RonaldBiggs, and was never part of the team.

* Edit 3: Names redacted.

It all began when CryptoMirage tweeted a screenshot from Cryptopia, accusing the lead dev Dev007 (or any other team members) of dumping their coins on the market. He advised to thread his findings with extreme caution. The screenshot shows that Hexx was the #1 most traded coin based on volume as well.


CryptoMirages hunch turned out to be correct, as later the lead dev Dev007 admitted to having deposited all the coins into Cryptopia. He claims this was necessary because "i moved the coins there to get shit out of our scammers" and "I had to do it to get sure we where scammed". Claiming to slowly move the coins back to a local wallet.


The publication made the lead dev snap, causing him to threaten JJ over a direct message (see image below). To prove that the message was real, CryptoMirage published a video of his monitor on Twitter.


The complete message says: "I want 22.5 btc - Answer - Do u care about u brother? - His wife [..] - And the boy - If u fail - I will get on u - Not first time i killed people - and not last" and "Hear me? - Deal is closes - Jj [..] and u - Dead - Or btc in 3 h - My friend will handle u - We is soonat seattle - U there - I got jj home address - He has 48hours - 4 man leaving from here - Order is to kill [..] and the boy - Jj can live."

We have reason to believe these messages are reliable, because of the video evidence and the fact that Dev007 continues his rant in the public channel. Saying "Tell him i will cut his dick he continues - We dont share [t]his shit" and "He is scared".


CryptoMirage replies with a Tweet: "#HexxCoin Dev007 is buckling under pressure. Can’t answer simple questions in General discord channel. Threatening violence. He’s lost it. Do you want to trust this lunatic with your money? I wouldn’t. Not scared. And I’ll keep posting so long as you lie."

Three people from the team were removed: KingofHexxStreet (JJ), and RonaldBiggs (Ronald) and IndominusHexxx (Mike).

In a tweet from the Main Marketing Dev (IndominusHexxx) we can read his statement: "Good Evening, a lot has happened and all I would like to ask is to please think back to these last months and remember how I have supported Hexx and treated each and every one of you. I am being WRONGFULLY accused of outrageous LIES, and I will prove/show my side of this story."

The negative environment has caused the Hexx price to drop around 50% of its value within days.

Source: CoinMarketCap

We will keep you updated on further developments. There is a Q&A session announced in 2 hours.

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