In their weekly #MasternodeMonday section, the Omni Analytics team uses fundamental analysis to analyse the current masternode sector.

This week's #MasternodeMonday talks about the correlation between market cap and white paper complexity. To calculate this, they have used four different measurements: Word count, unique words (within), unique words (between) and the Flesch-Kincaid grade level.

Source: Omni Analytics

The Flesch-Kincaid grade level readability test is mostly used in the field of education, making it easier for teachers, parents, librarians, and others to judge the readability level of books and texts. The outcome is generally the number of years of education required to understand the text, and, is calculated using the following formula:


In the following chart, the Omni Analytics score and the market cap clearly show a strong correlation, which would conclude that higher market cap masternode white papers have on average a higher word count, more unique words and are more complex to read.

Source: Omni Analytics

The analytics documents can be downloaded for a small fee on their website.