Update 9 oct 2020: Starting November first 2020, the referral bonus will be revised to $25.

Update 15 oct 2020: The 16% staking rate has been reduced to 10%.

Although this article contains a $50 referral code, it is not sponsored nor is it an endorsement. I'm writing this as a user of the product and will talk about the good and the bad.

As a non-American, it is very rare to find a Credit/Debit Card with cashback. That's why my interest sparked when I saw that My Crypto was offering  1% to 5% cashback cards with many additional benefits. Let's look at their options:

Card options

So how does it work? You can choose the free blue card, or you have to lock up an amount of CRO for 180 days. Currently that is about $180 for the red card and $1.800 for the purple card. Although if you use referral code kzz8qe7qz2, you'll get $50 discount on those cards.

I started out with the Ruby Red card, because it was reasonably priced, metal and gave a 2% cashback and 100% cashback on Spotify. All cashbacks are paid out in CRO, but can easily be exchanged back to your currency.

After a month I was enjoying the card so much that I decided to upgrade to the Purple/Green tier. This gave me a 3% cashback and 100% on my Spotify and Netflix subscriptions. In addition you get free access to over 1.000 Airport Lounges with LoungeKey and you receive 16% staking rewards on your 10.000 staked CRO.

Currently, They have a 10% cashback for certain stores until September, which gives a 10% back at McDonalds, Lidl, Aldi, Deliveroo, Walmart and many others.

To sum it up, the good:

  • All paid cards are metal and look and feel very fancy.
  • Cashbacks upwards to 10% on purchases and 100% cashback on Spotify/Netflix/Prime (depending on tier).
  • Limited no-fee cash withdrawals and interbank exchange rates.
  • Big discounts on gift cards inside the app.
  • Free airport lounge access (depending on tier).

The Bad:

  • Unsustainable long-term business model. I'd expect some benefits will be removed in the future.
  • Creditcard issuance will take 2-3 weeks, and if you upgrade to a new card a $50 card fee will be charged.
  • Might look 'too good to be true', but it works (currently). I always advise to be cautious on these products and use the cashbacks to your advantage. If they go out of business you can lose your investment.

You can sign up here and use referral code kzz8qe7qz2 for a $50 discount on all paid cards. And as always, do your own research!