Earlier in August, Masternode Buzz reported that Horizen had released it first sidechain on devnet. If successful, Horizen could begin offering Sidechain-as-a-Service to developers and businesses.

It appears the team is making some headway as revealed in a recent September progress update. The update revealed that the team has sent some ZEN to the first sidechain and is already testing synchronization between the first two sidechain nodes. As earlier reported, the Sidechain Alpha is expected to go live by Q4 of 2019.

The Horizen team now has multiple sidechain nodes up and running and is actively testing the synchronization between nodes! This brings us one step closer to our alpha release!

Horizen’s sidechain concept has been in development for over 8 months. Its Sidechains and Sidechain SDK will allow enterprises and developers to swiftly scale their blockchains without breaking the bank or interfering with the mainchain. Sidechains promise increased stability and faster transaction speeds since the mainchain does not have to directly monitor what happens in each sidechain. Instead, Horizen’s model proposes that each sidechain will follow the history of the mainchain and will only extract the needed information, whilst ignoring everything else.

The team went further to reveal that it will be introducing a sidechain test framework. This will allow for the testing of multiple synchronized nodes at the same time.