Privacy-centric blockchain project, Horizen, has made its first original contribution to the zero-knowledge space. The team announced that its new zk-SNARK library, the Ginger-lib is now public. Ginger-lib will allow developers to deploy scalable privacy solutions into their applications without compromising the speed and security of the network.

Although a fork of ZEXE, the general-purpose toolkit focuses on being a generic library which could be consulted in multiple scenarios, as opposed to hinging on Decentralized Private Computation. To this effect, Ginger-lib has introduced a plethora of cryptographic primitives and gadgets that could be used in different cases. Examples include the addition of MNT4-753 and MNT6-753 elliptic curve cycles, a Merkle proof verifier gadget and a VRF output verifier gadget, amongst others.

Alberto Garoffolo, Horizen’s Director of R&D, commenting on the release said:

We want people to use this technology to improve it together. Ginger-lib is designed to be a general-purpose library to allow developers to implement zero-knowledge applications meeting the requirements of their own use cases.

In addition to the release of Ginger-lib, Horizen is also releasing two other libraries that are related to the development of its Sidechain, Zendoo. The libraries are the zendoo-sc-cryptolib which offers sidechain support for POSEIDON hash computation and the zendoo-mc-cryptolib which enables Ginger-lib primitives to mainchain core integration.

Following its release, the development of Ginger-lib will continue in public.