Horizen has been listed as one of the payment options available on AnyPay, making ZEN an accepted option of payment in over 200 retailers across the US.

AnyPay is a POS software that handles invoices in over 160 different fiat currencies. Merchants use the software to manage online payments, and they currently serve over 200 clients, including bars, restaurants, yoga studies, clothing store, theaters, and breweries, amongst others.

AnyPay’s founder, Steven Zeiler, on speaking about their business commented that:

I am keenly interested in promoting crypto in my community and around the world, in order to increase wealth and prosperity for everyone. Over the past five years, I have set up hundreds of people and dozens of businesses with Bitcoin wallets and taught them to use cryptocurrency.

The ZEN team added that retail businesses who would like to incorporate ZEN and other cryptocurrencies into their payment options should give AnyPay a try.