Although, there are plenty of resources on the internet about blockchain, finding valid information on this nascent technology can become quite cumbersome, especially for crypto rookies. Baring this in mind, privacy-based cryptocurrency, Horizen has launched its educational platform, Horizen Academy. According to them, an educated consumer base will translate to faster crypto adoption.

We are proud to announce the release of the HorizenAcademy. We designed our academy to be the go-to place for education regardless of your expertise and understanding of our base technologies. Learn about blockchain tech, privacy, and Horizen for free, the team noted in a tweet.

The platform has been designed to cater to the educational needs of noobs, beginners, intermediate and advanced users. As revealed in their tweet, the Academy currently features topics ranging from blockchain tech to online privacy and the history of Horizen.

Source: Horizen Academy

While gaining knowledge may be enough reward, the team has hinted that there are plans to gamify the Academy in the future. Users will earn rewards (probably in ZEN) for completing courses.

Horizen Academy is currently available in only English and has topics like “What is a blockchain”, “How does a blockchain work”, “Wallets”, “Transactions” and “Privacy” under the blockchain section.

Screenshot of Horizen Academy

The resource section of the Academy features a variety of content including articles, books, podcasts and videos. There is also the option for users to be schooled in extremely basic terms through the “Explain It Like I’m 5 – ELI5” section.