Horizen has announced the launch of their flagship app, Sphere. The product will serve as a focal point for all ZEN-related services. One of the functions of the app is to serve as a ZEN crypto wallet. It will support private and transparent transactions.

Beyond being a crypto wallet, Sphere has some other exciting features such as a secure messaging option, as well as a wallet component that supports lite client, full client, paper and web functionality.

The Horizen team has indicated that development of the app will not stop with the features listed above. In the future, Sphere will support multi-sig, offer advanced wallet features, and provide human readable wallet addresses. The team is also working towards making Sphere a multi-currency wallet. Additionally, users will be able to manage their Secure and Super Nodes from the app in the future.

The team gave a sneak peek into what the demo app looks like in an official YouTube video on December 5. Sphere has an overall sleek design. Users will be able to login using their account name and password. Once logged in, users will be able to see their current balance, the stats for nodes; Secure and Super Nodes, and have an overview of market conditions.


Users can create new wallets in Sphere, each wallet with its own recovery phrase. Users can also create new addresses within a wallet.

It is expedient to note that the messaging feature is currently available to only full client users.