The Horizen team has put out a note to all their Server Node operators of an upcoming server maintenance, that is scheduled to start from November 17 to 18 of the same month. They stated in an official tweet that:

Attention all #SecureNode operators! #Horizen will be updating the servers and tracking system from Nov. 17 at 3PM UTC to Nov 18 at 11PM UTC. No actions are required at this time.

The upgrade is in line with Horizen’s commitment to increase the efficiency of their operations and systems. They will be migrating their servers as they move to a new service provider, in order to ensure a stable network and provide the needed room to grow. The company will do what needs to be done in terms of temporary infrastructure until they move their node tracker on-chain.

Horizen has assured operators of Secure Nodes that no actions are required on their part for now. However, they should be on the lookout for special email updates. Additionally, operators do not have to worry about their earnings because there will be no missed or late payments due to the migration.

Some updates have already been deployed to help with the migration. Also, Secure Node Tracking servers have already been restarted as part of the process. Overall, operators should expect some periods of unavailability, as well as multiple failovers and reconnects.