Horizen has sealed a deal with Hot Import Night (HIN), the world’s largest indoor and outdoor automotive lifestyle event. The event features a magnificent display of the finest customized show cars, in addition to live performances from social media behemoths, in a unique atmosphere.

Horizen stands to gain from the enormous exposure and the presence of tons of sponsors and influences that will be present at the event. HIN events have been known to pull crowds in excess of 50,000 participants. While driving the mainstream adoption of Horizen’s native digital asset, ZEN, HIN will be implementing the projects blueprint in designing a native HIN utility token for all car-related activities happening at the event; from on-chain registrations to voting, rewards and VR/AR gaming. HIN is working towards becoming cash-free.

The next HIN event is scheduled to take place on March 30 in Los Angeles and Horizen’s Regional Manager, Levis Caycado will be representing the blockchain project at the event. Rob Viglione, Horizen’s co-founder and team lead commenting on the partnership stated that:

Using ZEN as a means of payments at one of the most popular and well-attended automotive events in the world will be instrumental in driving its transaction volume and adoption. Our partnership with Hot Import Night represents a significant step toward broadening both our community and customer base.