In line with improving the efficiency of their node network, Horizen has announced two key changes. First is a reduction in node challenge times, and the introduction of Nodetracker v0.4.0.

The Horizen team revealed that from February 18, the challenge times for Secure Nodes and Super Nodes will be reduced to 200 seconds and 100 seconds, respectively. Faster calculations facilitated by the new split circuit design (Groth16), is responsible for this reduction.

Groth16 was implemented alongside ZEN 2.0.16, and this has reduced the time needed to complete shielded transactions by approximately 50%.

The new version of the Nodetracker v.0.4.0 allows for better connectivity and uptime. Some of the improvements contained in this version include adding a randomized delay after a disconnect, drop socket and connect on server request, and period “CheckIn”, amongst others. Secure and Super Node users are advised to upgrade to this new version on or before March 1.