Horizen has announced the release of their flagship app, Sphere. We already talked about some of the exciting features of Sphere in a previous post. Sphere will serve as a cornerstone for ZEN-related services, functioning as a crypto wallet, a messenger, and supporting full or lite client, as well as web or paper wallet functionality.

Sphere is the product of collaboration between Horizen’s marketing and technical team. According to them, they are interested in pushing out a simple, yet functional product that users will enjoy.

Another interesting feature of Sphere that was not covered in our previous article, is the fact that the wallet is deterministic. What this means is that if you lose your account for any reason, you can easily restore your digital assets with your 24-word phrase.

Director of User Experience at Horizen, Gustavo Fialho, on speaking about the app stated that:

Sphere by Horizen drastically improves on current standards for the user experience of cryptocurrency and blockchain applications without sacrificing technological innovation or security. The application will act as a universal point of access for node operation, cryptocurrency storage, private communications, and peer-to-peer payments, markedly simplifying access to services on the ZEN blockchain.We look forward to continually develop new features to bolster Sphere by Horizen, including a multi-currency wallet, MultiSig support, human-readable addresses, and the ability to manage Secure and Super Nodes on the platform.

A short video about Sphere is included in their Tweet: