Horizen which was formerly ZenCash has made some remarkable progress in the last few months. Here’s a refresher on what has happened in the last three months.

If you have following this privacy blockchain project for some time, you will remember that ZenCash was hit by a 51% attack in the second quarter of this year. Although the event was quite unfortunate, especially to investors and members of their loyal fanbase, the team went to work immediately and the attack was quickly contained.

A major software upgrade was rolled out as part of plans to mitigate future attacks; the previous version 2.0.14 was upgraded to 2.0.15. The new version includes a Bitcoin Consensus Enhancement protocol that penalizes offline miners. Interestingly, this innovation can be implemented on any proof of work blockchain that uses Bitcoin protocol.

Tech-wise, they have been able to achieve the following feats in such a short time:

  • Integrate Horizen into 15 exchanges and partners
  • Begin the research and development of a sidechain
  • Release Arizen 1.1.9
  • Development and testing of upcoming wallet
  • Integrate tracker software for Super Nodes
  • Complete integration on Trezor
  • Introduction of mining upgrade, S-NOMP
  • Launch of Horizen store
  • Onboarding of new team members
  • Upgrade of Secure Nodes encryption tracking systems
  • Reach 22,000 collective nodes – Regular Nodes, Secure Nodes, and Super Nodes
  • Ongoing development of proposal system