The Horizen team has announced the launch of its Horizen Developer Environment, HDE. The HDE is a platform that incentivizes developers to make open-source contributions to the Horizen ecosystem. Each task on the platform carries a bounty that will be paid once the task is completed.

Primarily, the HDE addresses the difficulties encountered by developers when contributing to open-source projects; from having to deal with navigating through different repositories to project structures, communication and collaborative barriers. In this regard, the HDE provides an easy way to find open issues, is a communication tool to foster collaborative discussions, and features outlined processes and policies for GitHub, as well as the project’s development and contribution.

Whilst making the announcement on its official blog page, the Horizen team stressed the importance of the HDE, calling it “a key tool for the development of the Horizen ecosystem.”

The HDE makes contributing to the Horizen blockchain ecosystem easy and rewarding. It simplifies the contribution process by gathering open GitHub issues and other tasks across repositories in one place and curates work to individuals or teams.

In addition to being a social and educational resource for developers in all levels, developers will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Horizen engineering team on the HDE.