Setting up masternodes can be a tedious process for the less tech-savvy, let alone maintaining updated versions. That's why Florian Nodemaster (@marsmensch) has spent a lot of time building a Linux script that will help to deploy them.

He started his project to automate his PIVX masternode setup in 2016, when the only masternode setup instructions were either about DASH, or were incomplete. The script was improved over time, making it possible to install multiple masternodes on the same VPS with next to none manual intervention.

One of the big advantages of his script is that the masternodes will be build from source. This will lead to fewer problems caused by incompatible binaries and could prevent malware injected binaries, like the Syscoin malware injected wallets. Other benefits include:

  • 100% auto-compilation and automated configuration.
  • Developed for Ubuntu 16.04. Fully tested for Vultr VPS accounts.
  • Install up to 100 masternodes in parallel on the same machine, having individual configurations.
  • Compilation from GitHub source, multiple versions per node available.
  • Automatic masternode daemon startup.
  • IPV6 functions available.

Currently, his script is available for PIVX, DASH, InstaCash, DESIRE, PURE, ENT, SYNX, ChainCoin, ZEN and DigitalPrice. The script is free to use and and pull requests from other coins are being accepted (coins may provide additions to the source code, making them available as well).

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